Building.Cloud is the SaaS version of the BusinessSoft Building. SaaS means Software as a Service – no upfront cost, you pay as you go for using the system.

What is new in Building.Cloud?
- Online application, which works over Internet
- You do not buy licenses, but pay on subscription basis
- No need for in-house server
- Multi-user support
- New friendly user interface
- Reports by your design, apart from the standard ones.
- Many new and enhanced functions.

Our proposition to the construction industry includes three products: WorkStream.Construction ERP, BusinessSoft Building and BusinessSoft Building.Cloud
What are differences?

Summary of the differences in the three systems we offer for construction companies:

Building.Cloud Building WorkStream.Construction
In the cloud
Local installation
Price type monthly fee usage license usage license
Support incl. in monthly fee 10% of price annually 10% of price annually
Initial investment
Normal number of users 1-5 3-10 min 10, average 30
Integrated ERP
Accounting and materials management
Interested in a demo?
1. Register
Give us a call and we will set a demo account for you. We will email you a user name, a password and a guide how to set the connection to our server.

2. Install
There are several prerequisites that must be installed, though there is chance the first three are already installed, since they are standard Windows components. The links will take you to the Microsoft download section.

1. Windows Installer 4.5

2. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

3. Microsoft .NET Framework 4

4. Microsoft Report Viewer Runtime

3. Run
After installation

run Building.Cloud

4. Connection setting
In this video you can see how to setup your connection with the credentials you received by email. Expand to full screen to watch in HD.


The price of usage of Building.Cloud is a monthly fee, which includes support by phone and updates.
There are two options:
- Building.Cloud Start – one user only
- Building.Cloud Pro – no restrictions for number of users

Already a client of our legacy software? Call to get your special offer.
Monthly fee
Building.Cloud Pro - per user 80 BGN
The price is per month in BGN excl VAT
What are the benefits for you?

- Access to your projects from anywhere
- Data security – we do automatic backup, and there is no risk of data loss
- No hardware expenses
- Monthly cost, no upfront fees
- Automatic system update
- Constant addition of new features


ERP-like functionality

You get to use the functionality of the ERP system WorkStream.Construction with regards to valuation, planning and execution for a low monthly subscription with no initial investment.

Work over Internet

One of the innovative features of Building.Cloud is the ability to work remotely from your construction sites in a centralised database. Thus you can work from anywhere without limitations.

Data security

Your data is our priority, so we make sure it is secure enough. We take care for the infrastructure and the updates as well as for the daily backup.
This is your private place in the cloud.


If the available standard reports are not enough, we will develop the ones that make you happy.