WorkStream. Production is an integrated ERP system for process industries. We support both unique products and batch production.

Out systems is based on 20 years of experience and the usage of new technologies. It changes the way a software helps the company, by employing process design and management.

For you than means:
- Long term applicability: we can customize the system along with the changes in your business, so that it can grow and change with you.

- Process control and analysis: you know at any given moment what part of the process is done and in what time.

- Reduced administration: work is done through tasks pushed by the system to the users, not just functions.

WorkStream is a not a general purpose system. It is designed for a process industries. You can expect that the system will meet all your requirements, without compromise.

With WorkStream you will need a CAD or CRM only. The rest of the functionality is in our system and is done in a way to meet your specific requirements. Our unique function for barcode-only operation facilitates the work and allows you to track you production process at every step.
The first question when choosing a new system is What added values is there for me in the new system, compared to the old?

Economic Impact

The main benefit is improved management due to:
- Improved competitiveness due to increased efficiency and dynamically customizable processes.
- Greater speed and accuracy of data input
- Better and timely management information
- Better warehouse management.
- Better cost control
- Control over processes efficiency


We know managing a company is a hard task in terms of tracking the employees. WorkStream enable you to assign tasks and to control their execution. The system controls the users, not vice versa. The system generates notifications and sends them to the operators for the upcoming tasks with a time frame. This decreases the need for administrative staff and increases the efficiency of the work done.

All in one solution

WorkStream operates with the all necessary data, so you can make decisions based on structured information flow.
The main information flows are:
- Production plan
- Current production
- Labour and material resources
- Accounting data
- Inventory management

As a result you have well-structured information such as: Progress of orders, cost price, machine capacity, inventory, finance figures, productivity.

Processes by design

One of the innovative features of WorkStream is the process designer.
What does it mean for you? Regardless of you organizational and production structure, the number of workshops or approval system, you don’t need to adapt to WorkStream, it will adapt to your needs. The process designer is a promise that we will be able to meet your requirements now and adapt to changes in the future.

Barcode driven activities

A natural difficulty in production is that employees cannot work with a keyboard and a mouse. It is slow and difficult.
That is why WorkStream comes out of the box with a great feature enabling employees to work only with barcode scanners.
Thanks to the process driven nature of the system, WorkStream knows the meaning of any barcode scanning – moving to another workshop, assignment of a task to a worker, send to external party, quality control, etc.
Easy, quick and priceless in view of the tracking of all elements of your production orders.

Business Intelligence

What does make any system good?
Features that meet your requirements!
What does make a system indispensable?
Good reports, of course!
Regardless of how good the functionality of a system is, without real time reports, which do not require user work to be generated, the system will not be good enough.
Reports are a vital part, since they enable management to take good decisions. We understand that and can deliver reports by your design, through various channels – in-system, web browser or a tablet, wherever you are.