BusinesSoft Building
BusinessSoft Building is the successor of Building Manager.
BusinessSoft Building covers the same core functionality: cost estimation, planning and reporting of construction projects, but adds many new features and works over Internet. Improvements are anywhere: modern interface, multi user support, enhanced project schedule in the form of Ghant chart.
Progress reporting has changed as well – now there are two tracks of reporting – one for internal purposes, which is daily and one for investors which is monthly or longer. Now you are able to monitor in real time the project in terms of time and cost.
We take seriously data security and now data can no longer be deleted, moved or accessed by users without proper rights.
The system is no longer static in terms of development - you can expect continuous improvement and addition of new features that you will automatically receive from us.
Do I need to migrate to BusinessSoft Building?

Summary of the new features:

- One central database – projects and standard works
- Full access from anywhere
- Work over internet
- Multiuser access, simultaneously in one project
- Definition of access rights
- Addition of new functions
- Ghant chart schedule with links between the tasks
- Automatic updates
- Automatic backup for data security
- Project versioning with comparison between contract and work copy
- Project status categorization
- Management of subcontractors offers
- Electronic archive of all project related documents
- Internal reporting for managing purposes.

Integrated system

All data is stored in one place. The users have access to all projects, if access is granted.
Standard norms as well as user’s libraries are accessible to all, so all projects are based on the same standard works.
All attached project documentation is also accessible to users with a specific rights so you make sure there will not be unauthorized access.

Remote work

One of the innovative features of Building is the ability to work remotely from your construction sites in a centralised database. Thus you can track your project progress in all aspects.

Project management

You have all you need in order to manage your projects – offer, planning, progress and reporting.
And most importantly you have all the planning and performance data in one place.


The new Ghant chart is fundamental in the system and all tasks have dependencies and time to complete.
This enables you to plan costs in time and to track projects’ progress.
Reporting to the investor and internal reporting are automatically reflected in the schedule and you can clearly see if there is a delay.

The price is based on one-off license price for concurrent users.
Price includes:
- Microsoft SQL Server licenses
- Installation
- Training
- Settings

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Number of licenses 5 10 15 20 >20
Price per license 1200 1000 876 744 744
Total for the number of users 6 000 10 000 13 140 14 880
Price is in EUR excl VAT
Our proposition to the construction industry includes three products: WorkStream.Construction ERP, BusinessSoft Building and BusinessSoft Building.Cloud
What are differences?

Summary of the differences in the three systems we offer for construction companies:

Building.Cloud Building WorkStream.Construction
In the cloud
Local installation
Price type monthly fee usage license usage license
Support incl. in monthly fee 10% of price annually 10% of price annually
Initial investment
Normal number of users 1-5 3-10 min 10, average 30
Integrated ERP
Accounting and materials management